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To ensure the best cape for your trophy mount, follow the instructions below while in the field.  Perform these field care steps before taking to a processor.

  1. After field dressing your trophy, make a cut around the knee joints of both  front legs.
  2. The second cut is made on the back of the legs from cut #1 to the arm pits.
  3. Make the third cut from the end of cut #2 to the rear of the animal - about 5 inches.
  4. Make the fourth cut around the body of the animal, top to bottom.
  5. STOP and bring all of the hide toward the head of the animal after skinning.
  6. Do NOT make any cuts up the back of the neck..  Cut through the flesh and bone of the neck..
  7. Place in a plastic bag and  freeze or bring your trophy to the taxidermist at this time.